Doing the Work: A Self-Healing Journey

Welcome to a NEW 10-week course starting

January 9th, 2023.

Self healing requires a daily commitment to small changes and attainable steps. Learning to create sustainable actions leads to lasting change. This course will help you recognize your core beliefs and your learnt conditioned patterns. It will help you tune into your intuition and reconnect to your true self.

We will address a different topic with each session, and you will learn tools to practice at home.

Topics include:

  • Unleashing the healer within
  • Mindfulness in your everyday life
  • Becoming aware of your patterns
  • Nurturing the trauma body
  • Setting boundaries,
  • Your Mind-body connection,
  • Setting intentions using the power of the present moment.
  • Connecting to your inner child
  • Reparenting your inner child.
  • Putting it all together

This course will be given in person at the West Island Woman’s Centre.

You can register directly through the West Island Women’s Centre at (514) 695-8529.

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