Energy Hygiene for Your Space

Energy Hygiene for Home and Personal Space Workshop

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you just wanted to turn around and walk out?

Often referred to as a vibe an energy residue can bring lower the vibration of a room, it can feel heavy and depressing at times. But, it can also elevate the energy in a space and create a positive uplifting vibe.

Other times you may have an energy leak and may feel constantly depleted when you spend time in a certain space.

Clients often ask me how I…

  • elevate the energy of a space
  • clear a space
  • release negativity from a room
  • select the best crystals for high vibes in a room
  • use smudging techniques and prayers of intention

In this workshop we will cover the basics of smudging, clearing, praying and elements to use in order to keep you and your space clear and vibrating at its highest potential.

Cost: $45.00
Early Bird $40.00 (book by February 15th)
Location: Revelations Holistic Center, 2350 Herron Road, Dorval
Date: February 25th 1:00pm- to 4:00pm

As space is limited, please reserve your spot by emailing, or texting or calling by clicking 514-795-6710.

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