Chakras 101

Here is a fabulous opportunity to discover, understand, and learn to work with our energetic body using the 7 major chakras which are not only connected to organs and body systems, but emotions as well.

Your chakra system is a map of your personal journey.

Keeping your centers in balance can help you maintain a deeper connection to yourself, create a sense of calmness and help you navigate life’s stresses.

When your energy centers are properly aligned and centered your physical body is stronger, your mental body is clearer, and your spiritual body is aligned with your purpose.

This workshop is for anyone looking to learn tools to help:

Manage emotions

Reclaim vitality

Empower your life

Spend a day getting to know each of your 7 major chakras with hands on fun, meditation, and theory.  

Cost $ 75.00 ( Includes handouts, certificate of attendance and set of 7 chakra stones)

Date: April 2nd 2022

Time 9:00 to 4PM

To register:

Payment can be made via e transfer details given upon registration.

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