Jean Lacombe

“Je crois que tous les gens qui entrent en contact avec Francyne font l’expérience d’un professionnalisme qui a sa source dans des capacités d’écoutes exceptionnelles et une volonté de servir remarquable. C’est sans doute là, le type de sensibilité auquel on donne le nom de compassion!” – Chef d’entreprise, Centre homéopathique du Québec

Line Desruisseaux

“It is hard for me to describe Francyne’s competency in just a few words: she is so much more than a coach, a naturopath, etc. She represents life itself, life as it should be: caring, nurturing, patient, generous, loving and most of all, beautiful! I have consulted Francyne during some of the most difficult moments in my life and I always left her side feeling stronger, more positive, ready to welcome change and tackle daunting tasks. Even through relapse, she is encouraging and inspiring. The world needs more extraordinary humans like Francyne. Simply being in her presence makes you want to become a better person. I strongly recommend her for spiritual and physical wellness or if you wish to embark on the exciting ride of self discovery and personal realization”. -Trade Marketing  Specialist chez Bell

Monica Karam

“What a great Session I just had with Francyne! She was able to pick up a lot of what was going on with me. Her advice was great and I feel so much better after the session. I feel clearer as well. Thank you. Highly recommended.” – Intuition and Creativity Coach

Nancy Jevcak

“I have known Francyne for many years (30+) – as a friend and as a professional intuitive. The coaching sessions I’ve had with her have led to a greater understanding of myself and purpose here. She has a true talent of reading souls and is a guiding light for anyone she comes in contact with. I highly recommend her.”

Silvia Marguglio

“Francyne is one of the most genuine people I know. She has a true gift and really cares about her clients. She has helped me in so many ways! I am so grateful to have met her years ago.”

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