Meditation Circles

The full moon meditations circles are open to anyone desiring to deepen their connection to the Earth’s rhythms and to their own Spirituality. No pre-requisites are required, just a willingness to be open and to receive.


Revelations Holistic Center , 2350 Herron Road, Suite 200, Dorval H9S 1C5

TIME: 7:00pm to 08:30 pm

COST: Registration is required and cost is $15.00

Payments can be made in cash or via E-Transfer to

You can register via email to or use the form below.

Full Moon Meditation September 7th 2022 – Harvest Moon

Every year the Harvest Moon reminds us of our abundance.

This year I feel that with all the world has gone through it is an even more significant beacon of light.

It is a time to make space for the new. The harvest moon is not only rooted in letting go but it also symbolises a time of intense gratitude and sharing.  It is the moon that reminds us to come a little closer and hear what you have to say (Neil Young)

Join me in this Full Harvest moon circle where you will be reminded of who you are, of your beauty and of your strength.

You will receive the abundance of your harvest to nurture you through the coming months.

Full Moon Meditation October 12th 2022

Ancestral Healing

Our Ancestors offer us support and wisdom as we travel on our journey here on earth. October is said to be a month that enhances the communication and healing of our ancestral webb.  

Perhaps there is trauma or pain you would like to resolve in your family lineage?

Maybe you have a message of your own you would like to give to a loved one on the other side. 

Or, maybe you just want to connect and remember your tribe.

Join me on October 12th  for a guided meditation to connect to your ancestral web. You may wish to bring a picture or item of a loved one to be blessed and honoured or simply to hold.

If you require more information about these Meditation Circles, please complete this form.

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