Welcome to Sacred Wisdom’s offerings of a series of workshops intended to help you discover your inner longings, restore balance where there is an imbalance, and create peace where there is chaos. I invite you to visit often or sign up for our monthly newsletter to help you plan ahead. Workshops will be offered in person at the Revelations Holistic Center, 2350 Herron Road, Dorval unless otherwise indicated.

Calendar of Events


Becoming Whole: A Self-Healing Journey

April 22, 2023 10 am to 430 pm

If you are in a human body, then you have work to do.

– Barbara Ann Brennan

What does it mean to heal yourself?

We all struggle with emotional or physical challenges.

Unconscious patterns trigger us and keep us from accessing our potential.  

Recognizing these patterns and learning tools to release them can bring us back to a state of well-being and wholeness.

“As long as you are unable to access the Power of the Now, every emotional pain that you experience leaves behind a residue of pain that lives on in you.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Self-healing requires a daily commitment to small changes.

A desire to create something new and… read more.

Past Events…

Your Energy Body: A Magical Journey into your Energy Centers Workshop – March 11th, 2023

Discover, understand, and learn to work with your energetic body using the 7 major chakras. The chakra system is a map of our personal journey. It signals to us what areas in our life we need to work on more deeply so that we may enjoy a life of purpose, calm, and joy. When we keep our chakras balanced, we can maintain a deeper connection to ourselves, create a sense of calmness and navigate life’s stresses.

Who is it for?

Anyone that wishes to learn tools to help:

  • Manage Emotions
  • Reclaim Vitality
  • Empower their Life
  • Connect to a Deeper Purpose

Join Francyne on March 11th for this experiential workshop where you will learn tools to keep you fit Mind Body and Soul.

Fee: $65

How to Register

  • Contact
  • Payment can be made via e-transfer. Details upon registration.

Energy Hygiene for Home and Personal Space Workshop – February 25, 2023

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you just wanted to turn around and walk out?

Often referred to as a vibe an energy residue can bring lower the vibration of a room, it can feel heavy and depressing at times. But, it can also elevate the energy in a space and create a positive uplifting vibe. Other times you may have Read more

Do the Work – A Self-Healing JourneyStarting January 9th, 2023

This is a 10-week course that will take you on a self-discovery voyage. Read more…

This course will be given in person at the West Island Woman’s Centre.

The Magic of Pendulums Workshop – January 21, 2023

Francyne Poirier will present this unique workshop on how to use a pendulum to connect to higher energies and help guide you to make decisions and more.

Far from being a New Age fad, pendulums have been used to search out the invisible for centuries.

What you will learn …Read more

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