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This page will provide a listing of current and future events that include full moon meditations and more!

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Full Moon Meditation Circles

The full moon meditations circles are open to anyone desiring to deepen their connection to the earth’s rhythms and to their own Spirituality. No pre-requisites are required, just a willingness to be open and to receive.

Full Moon November 16th, 2021: “Meeting your Inner Warrior”

November is a month of transition.

As the last of the leaves fall to the ground we are reminded of the impermanence of life as we begin to enter contemplation, deeply searching for the meaning of the Self. The energy of the 11th month helps us to tap into our own personal Soul mission.

November connects us with our inner spiritual warrior and acts as a mirror reflecting that the battle always lies within. It is a time of transition and silence. It is the energy between the energy. There is a new chapter brewing but first our inner warrior must acknowledge and heal the last of our obstacles keeping us from our mission.

A beautiful time to reflect on how your whole life has brought you right to this point in the present and to recognize that you have all that you need to move forward and grow.

Please join me this November 16th for a special journey to meet your inner warrior. Location: Revelations Center, 2350 Herron Rd , Dorval

Cost: $15.00

Time: 7 – 8:30pm

Please reserve your spot as space is limited due to Covid Restrictions.

You can reserve by email at or by phone at 514-795-6710

Full Moon Meditations and other Events Coming Up!

Special Christmas meditation December 14th

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