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Sacred Wisdom…

…is a space in time where all that matters is YOU. Here you will learn the language of your Soul and experience a connection to your Spirit.

Are you seeking clarity on your life path? Struggling in your relationships and focusing on everyone else’s happiness. Maybe pain has become your most faithful companion. You may be successful yet, still longing for a connection to something more…

Can you Imagine a Life where you feel:

Alive-Vibrant-Beautiful and Empowered… Everyday

If you’ve found yourself here, you are seeking something NEW, something YOU.

Welcome to Sacred Wisdom.

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Becoming Whole: A Self-Healing Journey

If you are in a human body, then you have work to do. – Barbara Ann Brennan What does it mean to heal yourself? We all struggle with emotional or physical challenges. Unconscious patterns trigger us and keep us from accessing our potential.   Recognizing these…

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The Magic of Pendulums

Francyne Poirier will present this unique workshop on how to use a pendulum to connect to higher energies and help guide you to make decisions and more. Far from being a New Age fad, pendulums have been used as a technique for searching out the invisible…

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Energy Hygiene for Your Space

Energy Hygiene for Home and Personal Space Workshop Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you just wanted to turn around and walk out? Often referred to as a vibe an energy residue can bring lower the vibration of a room, it can…

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