Past Life Regression Therapy

We have many physical bodies that we reincarnate into and we have a spiritual body that carries all that emotional, physical, mental and karmic residues into our present.  For the most part they integrate as part of our current incarnation but every now and then something remains unresolved and lingers in our present. They will often be emotional responses that have no apparent basis, mental fixed thoughts for no reason, a pattern of behavior that makes no sense but that we can not let go of.

Past life regression therapy aims to clear that emotional/mental residue and helps you  understand the karmic causative effects in your present life. The desired result is to help heal and  move you forward with more emotional peace, less physical discomforts, and an overall sense of empowerment and wholeness.

You do not have to believe or disbelieve in past lives. It is not a binary true or false but rather it encourages us to look at the process from a different point of reality.

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.”
― Brian Weiss

As you go into a gentle hypnotic trance and begin the release of old energetic blocks from your past lives  you may experience a flow of clarity and an awareness of the life lessons of those lives.  Once brought forward they can help you  achieve the peace you seek in this lifetime.

Past life regression therapy can help you with:

  • Resolving fears
  • Clearing emotional trauma and diminish stress and anxiety.
  • Understand behaviors and patterns
  • Heal relationships
  • Bring peace to the process of dying
  • Clear karmic blocks
  • Reconnect with your Soul

Should you wish to consider a Past Life Regression session from Sacred Wisdom, I invite you to return to the Services Page or contact me for more information below.

Cost per session: $110.00 – $125.00

If you would like to learn more…

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