Becoming Whole: A Self-Healing Journey

If you are in a human body, then you have work to do. – Barbara Ann Brennan What does it mean to heal yourself? We all struggle with emotional or physical challenges. Unconscious patterns trigger us and keep us from accessing our potential.   Recognizing these patterns and learning tools to release them can bringContinue reading “Becoming Whole: A Self-Healing Journey”

Energy Hygiene for Your Space

Energy Hygiene for Home and Personal Space Workshop Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you just wanted to turn around and walk out? Often referred to as a vibe an energy residue can bring lower the vibration of a room, it can feel heavy and depressing at times. But, it canContinue reading “Energy Hygiene for Your Space”

Doing the Work: A Self-Healing Journey

Welcome to a NEW 10-week course starting January 9th, 2023. Self healing requires a daily commitment to small changes and attainable steps. Learning to create sustainable actions leads to lasting change. This course will help you recognize your core beliefs and your learnt conditioned patterns. It will help you tune into your intuition and reconnectContinue reading “Doing the Work: A Self-Healing Journey”

Energy Healing for Beginners

Have you ever wondered if you can heal yourself? The answer is a resounding YES You don’t “have” energy. You are energy. You are Pure unadulterated energy Over the centuries mystics and healers of all kinds have worked hard to bring this into consciousness. Chinese medicine talks about the Qi, Ayurvedic medicine talks about Prana,Continue reading “Energy Healing for Beginners”