Guided Imagery/Mindfulness Meditation

Our world today is full of obstacles, stresses and unexpected events that can send us spiraling out. 

As we navigate the turmoil, we strive to keep balance but sometimes even the thought of trying to stay in balance can be overwhelming.  Engaging in a meditation practice may seem like an impossible task when our minds are filled with anxiety and fear. 

Guided imagery and meditation are a wonderful place to start when your feeling overwhelmed.

It can quickly and simultaneously calm the mind and the body. By taking you on a healing journey of the Soul.

Imagine you being calmer and more in the moment. Mindful of your thoughts and actions.  Imagine having a more accepting outlook on life.

“The one you are looking for

 is the one looking.”

-Francis Of Assisi

In my practice I use guided Imagery and mindfulness meditation to help you achieve a deeper sense of being-ness.  The meditations are catered to your own unique needs and to what presents itself to be healed.

Should you wish to consider a Guided Imagery / Mindfulness Meditation session from Sacred Wisdom, I invite you to return to the Services Page or contact me for more information below.

Cost per session: $110.00

If you would like to learn more…

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