Doing the Work: A Self-Healing Journey

Welcome to a NEW 10-week course starting January 9th, 2023. Self healing requires a daily commitment to small changes and attainable steps. Learning to create sustainable actions leads to lasting change. This course will help you recognize your core beliefs and your learnt conditioned patterns. It will help you tune into your intuition and reconnectContinue reading “Doing the Work: A Self-Healing Journey”

Find Your Zen Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Series

Mindfulness is the beautiful state that we enter when we are fully present and aware of what we are doing and where we are without engaging: Mindfulness meditation can teach you to slow down the monkey mind.  To pause between the words. There is growing research that shows that when you reframe and retrain yourContinue reading “Find Your Zen Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Series”

Guided Imagery/Mindfulness Meditation

Our world today is full of obstacles, stresses and unexpected events that can send us spiraling out.  As we navigate the turmoil, we strive to keep balance but sometimes even the thought of trying to stay in balance can be overwhelming.  Engaging in a meditation practice may seem like an impossible task when our mindsContinue reading “Guided Imagery/Mindfulness Meditation”